pregnancy update

WOW I can’t believe we only have 35 days left of me looking like I have a huge watermelon stuffed under my shirt, and feeling like I have a giant rolly-polly stuffed in my belly πŸ™‚ It really has flown by, and yet this last month has gone by EXTREMELY slowly, and I am sure the next 35 days won’t be much better. I was thinking the other day about Β “Remembering when” So I thought I would share with you some of the more amusing memories of pre-pregnancy/early pregnancy….

I Remember when…

I didn’t have to wear shoes that were a size larger than normal….

I could see my toes….

I LIKED sleeping with blankets….

I didn’t have a bladder the size of a walnut…

I could go from laying to standing without looking like a flipped over turtle trying to get up…

I could clean but didn’t feel like it, as opposed to wanting to do nothing but clean but can’t get off the couch….

I couldn’t be entertained for an afternoon by watching my belly change shape as the baby moves ( I actually like this one)

But this too shall pass and I will once again be able to wear cute shoes, and skirts and tank tops. And of course I won’t have to worry about my belly amusing me, because my SON will be amusing me. All in all this hasn’t really been that bad compared to other pregnancy “horror stories” I have heard, but trust me when I tell you, I wouldn’t complain if 35 days, was more like 25 days.


Oh and keep your eyes out for the following posts

* My baby shower weekend!!! (Just have to get the pics organized)

*Baby update (I am seeing a lot more of my Doctor now πŸ™‚

* Nursery finished… (well almost, I still have to organize a few things πŸ™‚

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Sigh. I had mentally prepared myself for typical pregnancy symptoms… leg cramps (check) gas (check) constipation (check) being uncomfortable (check) swelling (check, check) etc…. But this one I didn’t expect. The last few weeks I have been having mid back pain. Gradual and dull aching. that just gets annoying.Β 

I went to my Chiropractor for that, low back pain and headaches. The low back pain is less, about what I would expect for 8.5 mos pregnant. Headaches are gone. But the mid back pain is getting worse. Turns out. I have a rib out of place on my right side. The pain is now wrapping around my back right side and into the right side of my chest. And because I am pregnant and my belly gets in the way and is keeping things “unstable” He can’t adjust it or get it to stay in place. It keeps on getting worse. I woke up 3 times last night, not because I had to pee, but because my rib hurt. Tylenol doesn’t work for me. Anyone else have this lovely side affect? What did you do. I will probably go crazy for the next 6 weeks until I can get it fixed!!!!!
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I was thinking that I should probably update something…. before it goes another month. And I was sitting here thinking about what I should post.

…. Would you like to hear about my latest doctor appointment? Where nothing really happened other than “Sully’s” heartbeat was at 160. I gained another few pounds and the doctor had to leave early because another patient went into labor πŸ™‚

… Or would you rather hear about my latest radical idea on how to save money, on second thought I have to gain up enough nerve before I post it….

… Oh but I am sure you are dying to hear about my latest pains (round ligament pains) which are lovely little constant cramp type things that thankfully you only feel when you are awake πŸ™‚

Well I scrapped all of those ideas, as no one except those who are pregnant really honestly care about the “misery” of others who feel exactly the same way. And I sat here with the lap top open, nothing really to write when Sully started to move. He has been slightly uncomfortable for me all day. Not really moving, but feeling like he is lodged under my ribcage. Until the last 10 minutes. When he started getting very active.

Picture this: I am laying on the couch, the laptop propped on my legs and slightly resting on my rather large lower belly. When all of the sudden the laptop moves. Yes Sully kicked so hard that he moved the laptop.

This kid is stinkin strong! I think I have a little kick boxer on my hands.

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What is this??? She does exist??? Yes I know, I thought I would post more once we started working on the nursery… but then I had stuff to do so Β there became less time for posting. *Shrug* One of these days Ill get it.

Thought I would give you a little update on us.

* I am now officially in the 3rd trimester, under 13 weeks to go! I can’t believe how time is flying by!

* My energy level has definitely decreased again. This makes me sad when I start getting sleepy only to realise that the clock has barely turned to 9:30.

*So far all of my tests have come back as “normal”. I took the lovely glucose test about 2 weeks ago and haven’t heard from the Dr yet. But he said that “no news is good news” so I am assuming all is well.

*Sully tends to move a lot. There are periods now where he doesn’t move quite as much, but I can still feel him tossing and turning and kicking and jabbing. It is one of the most remarkable amazing wierdest feelings ever πŸ™‚

* His heart rate at last appointment was right around 140.

* My joints (specifically my hips) have been bothering me a little more. But I suppose that is to be expected!

*Next Tuesday marks the begining of our every- other-week Doctor appointments.

Here is a belly pic, this is actually from about a month ago, but it is the only one I had off my camera. It feels as if my belly is substantially larger now!!!

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Two days ago we heard our little one’s heart beat. It was in the 170’s and all is well. There was a moment when my husband thought he heard an echo, but then the Doctor found a better position and we heard one tiny little heart beating loud and clear.

This appointment was 3 days before Thanksgiving, and my next one is 2 days before Christmas. Meaning I can eat eat eat and enjoy and not worry about an upcoming weigh in πŸ™‚

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This particular post doesn’t have anything to do with saving money. Just about having a baby. I am actually really letting myself realize that we are having a baby. Many mothers have the common concern of losing their baby. And the fact is that miscarriage is far more common than any of us would like to admit.

We have reached a milestone in our pregnancy. No I haven’t felt the baby moving, no I am not showing to the point that anyone (besides my husband and my too tight jeans) would notice. I actually haven’t even been to the doctor yet (that comes tomorrow). I know that we are not “out of the woods” yet. But I am feeling more confident. The statistics say that when you reach 8 weeks your odds of a miscarriage drop to 5%. After having a miscarriage several months ago at 5 1/2 weeks, those statistics are reassuring.

After one … not so amazing… visit with my family doc, my husband and I are visiting an OB tomorrow. Not quite sure what to expect, but I am going armed with questions, note taking devices and information about what my insurance will cover when. So here is praying that more reassurance will be coming tomorrow.

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