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This little bundle of awesomeness is 4.5 mo old already! (I know typically you would do a 4 mo update and a 5 mo update, but since I tend to post in 4-5 mo spurts you get what you get! ;-))

Feb 22 he will be 5 mos old. He is truly the closest thing to a *perfect* (crosses fingers/knocks on wood) baby that we could hope for. He is almost constantly a bundle of smiles, and so laid back. If he cries I know something is really definitely wrong.  He is very laid back and loves to watch Alex and Kalea play. Big Bro/Big Sis LOVE him so much. They constantly ask to hold him or come up and give him kisses.

He is a super big boy. Well for me at least! At his 4 mo check he was 15.5 lb and 27″ long. He is in 6-9 mo clothes for a couple monthes now, today as I was dressing him I realized I’m about to have to go through his clothes and bring out the 12 mo stuff soon!

He loves to talk, and laugh. He started sitting on his own this week. Emphasis on starting he is definitely tripod sitting, but he likes to and likes to grab and play with Alex’s cars and trains.

On the food front its pretty boring yet. Still totally on mama’s milk  and no sign of being ready for solids anytime soon. He eats somewhere between every 2-4 hours. Except at night when he goes to bed at 8 and sleeps till 8 or 9 usually. Ahhhhh a good sleeper, how blessed I am with that. His brother STILL occasionally wakes up more often than him!

OK a couple pics of the little smiley pants, affectionately dubbed “Mica-Moo” by Kalea.


He is ready to be on the move!

So big!


Focusing all his attention on keeping his balance.

Love that smile!




Yes, Believe it or not, this is Cheap Parenting – and Stacy isn’t the only parent. I’m usually more of the behind the scenes guy on this blog, but as we were talking, Stacy mentioned it might be good for me to occasionally pop in and give my experiences with some of the changes we’ve made.

I feel like we have a lot of lady readers out there, so I was wondering if any of you have shared Stacy’s posts (cloth diapering, make your own cleaning supplies, dropping paper towels, etc) with your man. What was his response? Did he have questions? Was he interested in trying any of our cheap tricks?

I’m happy to share the insights that have helped me with these transitions to a more alternative/non-consumerish lifestyle.  Yes, I checked wikipedia, non-consumerish is a word.

Let me know how I can help.