I bribe my kids. Occasionally. And only when I’m desperate. Like last week.

I went to pick the kids up at mom’s and found out that some how Alex had managed to get his very first splinter =( It was a pretty big/long one too.

I felt SOOOOOOO bad for him, he kept asking me to just “kiss it out”. Mom held him down while I used a combination of tweezers and a pin to try and dig/scrape/pry the stubborn little booger out of his poor finger. He kept not holding still very well, so I told him if he cooperated he could have ice cream. You could see him gather his composure and weigh in his tiny little head if ice cream really was worth going through this deep agony over. He relented, and after about 45 minutes of working on it, we got the whole thing out.

So I spent a whopping $1 and got him some ice cream (which we split 3 ways, because it was hard on mommy too, and Kalea couldn’t be left out!) and bribed my 2 year old. He did however tell me that “that sure was nice of you to get my ouchy out for me mama”.

With all the spoiling, I may end up with a brat, but at least he will be a polite one! ๐Ÿ˜‰

And you know what, if he gets another splinter, he’ll probably get another bribe. Just don’t tell him that!

(Oh and I sincerely thought about trying to get pictures of this first splinter episode, but then I also thought it was more important to take advantage of the time and get it out. So you just get the story =) )


I was thinking that I should probably update something…. before it goes another month. And I was sitting here thinking about what I should post.

…. Would you like to hear about my latest doctor appointment? Where nothing really happened other than “Sully’s” heartbeat was at 160. I gained another few pounds and the doctor had to leave early because another patient went into labor ๐Ÿ™‚

… Or would you rather hear about my latest radical idea on how to save money, on second thought I have to gain up enough nerve before I post it….

… Oh but I am sure you are dying to hear about my latest pains (round ligament pains) which are lovely little constant cramp type things that thankfully you only feel when you are awake ๐Ÿ™‚

Well I scrapped all of those ideas, as no one except those who are pregnant really honestly care about the “misery” of others who feel exactly the same way. And I sat here with the lap top open, nothing really to write when Sully started to move. He has been slightly uncomfortable for me all day. Not really moving, but feeling like he is lodged under my ribcage. Until the last 10 minutes. When he started getting very active.

Picture this: I am laying on the couch, the laptop propped on my legs and slightly resting on my rather large lower belly. When all of the sudden the laptop moves. Yes Sully kicked so hard that he moved the laptop.

This kid is stinkin strong! I think I have a little kick boxer on my hands.


This particular post doesn’t have anything to do with saving money. Just about having a baby. I am actually really letting myself realize that we are having a baby. Many mothers have the common concern of losing their baby. And the fact is that miscarriage is far more common than any of us would like to admit.

We have reached a milestone in our pregnancy. No I haven’t felt the baby moving, no I am not showing to the point that anyone (besides my husband and my too tight jeans) would notice. I actually haven’t even been to the doctor yet (that comes tomorrow). I know that we are not “out of the woods” yet. But I am feeling more confident. The statistics say that when you reach 8 weeks your odds of a miscarriage drop to 5%. After having a miscarriage several months ago at 5 1/2 weeks, those statistics are reassuring.

After one … not so amazing… visit with my family doc, my husband and I are visiting an OB tomorrow. Not quite sure what to expect, but I am going armed with questions, note taking devices and information about what my insurance will cover when. So here is praying that more reassurance will be coming tomorrow.