Think cloth diapers are inconvenient, old fashioned and “eeeewwwww”? I would love the opportunity to change your mind. Most people think that those 3 terms would describe cloth diapers until they actually see how easy and  non-gross they really are!

Here are some real facts about cloth diapers:

Cost: Cloth diapers are cheaper than disposable and can save your family up to $3000 per child. Birth – potty trained!

Health of your baby: Cloth diapers are healthier for your baby as they do not include the harmful chemicals that disposable diapers do. Dioxin, on of the main components in disposables is one of the most cancer causing chemicals rated by the EPA!

Cloth is more convenient than disposables:  No need to ever worry about running out of diapers in a snow storm, or when money is tight at the end of the month.  The easy snap or velcro (called Aplix) is just as easy to fasten as disposables and harder for your child to take off (or maybe it was just my kids that liked to do that). The elastic is fitted with great comfy fabrics so that not only does it prevent leaks, it feels great for your baby.

Better for the environment: According to the sustainability Institue, 80% of US families use disposable diapers  that equates to 18 BILLION diapers per year. The human waste, and diaper materials take up to 500 years to break down in a landfill.

No need to get dirty: If the thought of the poo is what is keeping you from cloth diapering, I have the solution. 1. If your baby is completely breast fed (before solids) there is no need to rinse, everything is completely water soluable. After the baby starts solids (or if your child is formula fed) there is still no need to “dunk”. With a simple sprayer attached to the toilet, you can knock the solids off without ever getting your hands dirty!

Do I have your attention? Would you like to see more? Send me an e-mail at [email protected] or visit my Facebook page I would love to come and show you in person!  You set up the time, I will drive to you.

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I feel very passionately about helping families save money, I would love to help you!



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