When we moved in to our home (16 mo ago) we repainted all the rooms upstairs (they were pretty… interesting) (I don’t have these pics saved on the computer =( )

Last year about this time we ripped up all the carpet/flooring downstairs and installed beautiful hardwood flooring.

This year, the next step in our remodeling was a new coat of paint in the Kitchen and Family room. (The toy room is on the to do list, but we will have to dry-wall and so so we think we will just leave the paneling up until the kids are a little less likely to destroy them =P )


First up was the family room. It was a really boring/blah cream color. Not HORRIBLE, but not really warm/inviting/ nice either.



Before (different angle)

Wainscoting (sp?) came down, it was glued on and nailed... looked like a mess.


Mudding over all the messed up parts on the bottom half the wall.


Down came the trim...

After a bit of debate, we decided to take down the plate rail too. (I am so glad we did, the room looks much bigger now)

All ready for primer/paint!


The other room that needed done, was the kitchen, it was a icky almost sea green. We had a really hard time figuring out what color to paint it, we both wanted like a terra cotta color, but that looked BAD with the cupboards, reds didn’t look great, oranges GROSS, yellows, browns eh didn’t really do anything for me. The color green actually wasn’t too bad (just not the shade it was), but we wanted something different. I think we found it =)

Kitchen before

Kitchen before (different angle)


First coat (Burlap) in the family room.


Our faithful helper (my Mom-in-law)

Trimming the kitchen in "Marooned"

hmmmm I think it might take more than one coat (they did 3)

Family room after =)

After - another view

Kitchen after.

Kitchen after another view.


I really struggled with which colors to pick (for like months) But I am so so so happy! I LOVE them, the house feels cozier now, it really makes my cupboards look good. We just need to get the trim stained and up (Jason is going to be busy 😉

Thanks so much to Jason who has worked so hard on re-doing these rooms while I have been basically useless (well running after 3 kids) and to my MIL Gwen who helped a TON!