Welcome to our blog, a little slice of insight into our life. You can expect to read a wide range of  posts. All determined by who I am.

I am a lady. So you will find posts about girly things 🙂

I am a wife. So you will find posts about my (amazing and wonderful) husband and myself

I am a mom. So you will find posts of my adorable and ornery kids.

I am thrifty. So you will find all kinds of creative and fun ways to save a little money here and there.

I am a news junky. So you will (occasionally) find posts about current events and my take on politics and how it affects my family.

I am a nerd. So you will find posts that allow for this kind of an outlet. (Word of the day Wednesday anyone?)

I am a Christ follower. So you will definitely find posts about my walk and from a Christian worldview.

I am a person who thrives on social interaction. So I hope to hear from you too!


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