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Yes, Believe it or not, this is Cheap Parenting – and Stacy isn’t the only parent. I’m usually more of the behind the scenes guy on this blog, but as we were talking, Stacy mentioned it might be good for me to occasionally pop in and give my experiences with some of the changes we’ve made.

I feel like we have a lot of lady readers out there, so I was wondering if any of you have shared Stacy’s posts (cloth diapering, make your own cleaning supplies, dropping paper towels, etc) with your man. What was his response? Did he have questions? Was he interested in trying any of our cheap tricks?

I’m happy to share the insights that have helped me with these transitions to a more alternative/non-consumerish lifestyle.  Yes, I checked wikipedia, non-consumerish is a word.

Let me know how I can help.


One week ago today we got the wonderful, frightening, amazing, scary, awesome, exciting news that we were going to be expecting a baby! My husband and I are self proclaimed nerds, so of course one of the first things that we wanted to do was set up a budget. There are a lot of costs involved in having a baby, and raising a child. In the first year alone the average cost of raising a baby is $10,000. Talk about sticker shock! Not that a precious little one isn’t worth ten times that much, but there is also reality as to how much a budget will stretch. So me being a big bargain hunter, and my husband being a major budgeter/number cruncher, we started looking for some ways to go about parenting in a cheaper way. (Hence the name of the blog)

Our goal is to give our child the best care possible, without paying the highest price possible. I make it a personal goal to spend substantially less than the average person for just about everything (you are talking to someone who got 4 skirts and a top for $25.00). We know that we aren’t the only ones who are on a tight budget, so we thought we would share our journey with you. We will share our tips on how to save money and get great quality. We hope that you will find this blog helpful, as we travel through this amazing journey called parenting!