Living the thrifty lifestyle isn’t always about the huge money saving things (like no cable/satellite TV)  Its about all the little things, that add up. Those mindless conveniences that we just purchase without even thinking about.

One of the “conveniences” We have eliminated in our home is paper towels. Went about the first 2 years of our marriage just purchasing paper towels as part of my normal shopping, mindlessly putting them in my cart. I would cost compare between brands and get the ones that are less expensive but that was about as far as it went.  Then I really took a look at it.

The CHEAP (as in thinner, poorer quality etc) paper towels were $1.00 a roll. I have a dog, a (wonderful and amazing) husband and an Alex. We make messes. There is not a day that goes by that we aren’t mopping things up. Or wiping children down. We used a LOT of paper towels, which does add up.  So we eliminated them.

I went to my local GW boutique and got 10lb of rags for $5. I use them to clean my bathroom, clean my floors, mop up spills (they are more absorbant anyway) and wipe down children =).

Is it any less convenient?  Nope. Here is my process:

I have 2 drawers of rags. One in my laundry room and one in my kitchen. At each end of the apartment. That way they are always conveniently located.

When I use a rag I hang it to dry (to prevent mildew until I wash) in laundry room then toss into a 5 gal bucket I got at my local bakery (it was free and had a lid. Just wash weekly.

$5 and I have all the spill clean up I will probably ever need.