I was thinking that I should probably update something…. before it goes another month. And I was sitting here thinking about what I should post.

…. Would you like to hear about my latest doctor appointment? Where nothing really happened other than “Sully’s” heartbeat was at 160. I gained another few pounds and the doctor had to leave early because another patient went into labor 🙂

… Or would you rather hear about my latest radical idea on how to save money, on second thought I have to gain up enough nerve before I post it….

… Oh but I am sure you are dying to hear about my latest pains (round ligament pains) which are lovely little constant cramp type things that thankfully you only feel when you are awake 🙂

Well I scrapped all of those ideas, as no one except those who are pregnant really honestly care about the “misery” of others who feel exactly the same way. And I sat here with the lap top open, nothing really to write when Sully started to move. He has been slightly uncomfortable for me all day. Not really moving, but feeling like he is lodged under my ribcage. Until the last 10 minutes. When he started getting very active.

Picture this: I am laying on the couch, the laptop propped on my legs and slightly resting on my rather large lower belly. When all of the sudden the laptop moves. Yes Sully kicked so hard that he moved the laptop.

This kid is stinkin strong! I think I have a little kick boxer on my hands.