Since my last post oh about 10 mos ago, there have been a few *minor* changes to this Ham Fam. And by minor I mean we bought a home (so there are fun renovations that have taken place) Let me tell you moving with two little ones is an adventure all itself! We are so thankful for all the help our family gave us! We made the decision for me to be a stay- at-home mom. I am sooooooo excited about being able to be home with my kiddos full time. So we are pinching our pennies even closer (Look for more money saving tips to come) =) But of course the biggest and best change has been the addition of a precious new member of the family.

In January we found out we were expecting number 3! Many may look at us like we are crazy, but we are so excited about and loving how close are kids are. My due date was September 19.  This was especially exciting because my sister-in-law was also due with their third in September, just a few days before me on September 10.  We decided (and by decided I mean I twisted Jason’s arm) to be surprised with the gender of this baby. Alex and Kalea are still young, and the seasons wouldn’t be that different so we really already had everything we needed already. No need to know =)

My pregnancy was really easy. because of that I had a feeling we were having another boy. Alex and a few others were pretty certain baby was a girl. But it went by really quickly. Until the end. Both of my other pregnancies I went early. So pretty much everyone (myself definitely included) figured I would go early again. We were thinking that my sister-in-law and I would end up going about the same time. We were ready by 35 weeks just in case. Then we waited… and waited… and waited…

37weeks came and went (I was happy about that) 38weeks comes and goes still trying to be patient…. Once I got well past 38w it was getting very mentally hard. I was showing very few signs of going into labor and 39 weeks passed by as well. Now I could have chosen to induce anytime after 39w. But, this time I was DETERMINED to have a natural labor. It is something I really really wanted with both of my others, but I gave in and ended up regretting it later.  I was definitely not ok with electively inducing unless there was a medical reason. I know that induction would decrease my chances of going through labor without pain relief and I have a few other reasons why I know that isn’t the right choice for me.

So 39 weeks passed, 40 weeks passed. *Sigh* God was definitely teaching me patience!  At 40w +3 days I went to my regular OB appointment and also a routine Non Stress Test for being passed due. Something wasn’t quite right. My doctor was very calm and reassuring and made it sound totally normal that he wanted me to head over to the hospital for a bio physical. Maybe it is normal, but we hadn’t talked about that test before so I assumed it was something that showed up on the NST. He asked if I wanted to be induced, and I told him unless there was something wrong with me or the baby  I wanted to let the baby come on his/her own. (this was about 10) After the bio-physical the nurse came and said that everything “looked great” but they heard an irregular heartbeat. It was probably nothing to worry about but that my doctor was on the phone with a specialist to make sure.

Jason and I started talking seriously about the idea of inducing. Long story short after we talked to the doctor we decided that today would be the birthday. Baby had developed a heart arrhythmia since 39w. It usually corrects after baby is born, so it didn’t really make sense to prolong the pregnancy. Baby looked great otherwise.

Now, I did NOT want to be induced. I knew that it was the right decision, I didn’t regret the decision, but it is still not what I wanted. Not how I had envisioned my perfect natural labor going. As I was getting ready in the room I sat back and cried. Man what a control freak I am. I felt like my dreams of a natural delivery were flying out the window. They started the pitocin at 12 noon. The contractions were practically laughable. I figured they would start hurting almost right away, but um… yeah totally not. I sent Jason home to grab our bags (we hadn’t been prepared for that day) and to get some lunch. The Doctor gave the go ahead for me to have a little bite to eat before labor got going. I was SOOOOOO thankful for that because I was STARVING!

After 2 hours of pit, I hadn’t progressed at all. I wasn’t surprised b/c the contractions still didnt hurt. We decided to break my water. I was hesitant at first because I didn’t want that to not work and then have to have a c-section. But the doctor was confident that that wouldn’t be a problem for me. Well, yeah the contractions waaaaaay picked up after that. It wasn’t too long before I got my iPod out and started listening to my  HypnoBirthing visualizations. it was so calming for me. Between the contractions it really helped to calm and focus me. My nurse was AWESOME. She let me get out of bed. I needed to stay on the monitors, but I could sit next to the bed, after that didn’t help anymore I leaned on the bed standing, when that stopped working she helped me get on the bed  and find positions that helped to relieve some of the pain. I was NOT flat on my back until pushing after the contractions picked up! Jason was soooo awesome and encouraging. He knew how much I wanted a med free labor/delivery and he was wonderful. I had back labor, so he rubbed my back during the contractions and gave me ice chips between, I definitely could not have done it without him! The rest of labor went really quick! only 3 hours of painful labor!

When it was time to push I couldn’t stop. the problem, my doctor was in a c-section and couldn’t leave! They started calling for him, then any doctor on the floor, then any OB in the area, Jason said they were about to call for anyone who had seen an episode of Scrubs 😛 My Nurse finally looked at me and said “OK This won’t be my first delivery, if I tell you to stop you HAVE to stop because that means that the cord is wrapped.” She was so serious! Just as I was ready to really push my doctor comes FLYING into the room, he literally made it JUST in time. I am so so glad too.

Our precious baby was born with the cord wrapped around his (yes HIS I was right! and so excited!!!) neck 4 times. Yes 4!  Jason said he was very blue when born, I was glad I didn’t see that. They had to give him oxygen at first. It was scary but otherwise he was PERFECT and HUGE (for me) 9 lb 2oz and 20″ long! I had some fairly serious bleeding from delivering such big baby so quickly, but otherwise everything was great!

And so here is the newest addition to our famliy:

Michael Zachary Hamsher (Gift of God, God has Remembered) His names meaning really fit him! Looking back so much could have gone wrong, but God was in total control and gave us this sweet gift!

Sorry this was so long I promise they wont all be so long! =)


There are few things that I love more than saving money. Except possibly (ok definitely) seeing my kids smiling and having fun! Enter : All Kids Stuff Sale. Pretty much the best thing ever for cheap thrifty parents.

It is basically a giant, amazingly organized garage sale, with some quality control. (They really don’t sell junk stuff) Priced somewhere between garage sales and chain re-sale shops (like Once upon a child). I have found that especially with baby/kids things getting something new is really overrated. The kids don’t use something long enough (in general) to make it worth the outrageous price that a lot of retailers put on the item simply because it is labeled “baby”. I went tonight and struck gold! Here is how I do it.

1. I sorted through all the kids clothes last week to see where they are lacking. (Alex only needs snow pants, Kalea some
more 6-9 or 9-12mo stuff. More on this later)
2. Jason and I talk about and compile a list of what we think the kids need, so I have a plan of attack going in.
3. I get there an hour before the doors open to the sale so I can get a front spot in the line.
4. First place I head is if I have any major items on my list (like a pack n play, stroller or crib.) This time my “big item” was outdoor toys.
5. If something even makes me think about it and it is a “big item” I grab the tag off of it (claiming it as mine, even if I can’t lug it around the whole sale) I can always put a purchase back.
6. I always go in with a budget and keep a running tally (roughly) in my head.
7. I re-evaluate all my purchases before I check out.
8. My general rule of thumb on pricing is : if I can’t make it cheaper, I will buy it. If I haven’t seen it cheaper I will buy it.

9. Unless there is a major clothing item (like a winter coat) I don’t purchase any clothes till Saturday. That is their half price day. There are soooooo many clothes that it is easier to even look for clothes when they have been kinda picked over.

So here is what I got last night:

All my finds


They will cook lots of yummy meals with this!

Some pretty cool inside toys.

Some pretty cool inside toys

Two wall hangings with matching bedroom set.

All in all I got : Play kitchen, lots of play food/dishes, outside swing, two baby dolls, baby basket, head bands for Kalea, play lawn mower, Little Tikes car, complete bedroom suite (including 2 twin quilts and 2 wall hangings), somewhere around 15 match box cars, somewhere around 10+ animal “action figures”

For a grand total of: $64.00.

After 37 weeks of being pregnant, 41 hours of Labor (don’t worry it wasn’t all intense) 2 trips to the hospital, and roughly 6 hours of sleep in 2 days, we are proud to introduce…………

Alexander Jayce Hamsher
7lb 8.4 oz
May 21st 9:16 am
Its ok, you can “aww” we think he is pretty cute too!

This is how mommy spent most of her time in the hospital…. yeah it was pretty rough.

Look at them relaxing together already.

He is so tiny in Jason’s arms

His coming home outfit.

He swims in his car seat.
We have had a long week starting a week ago today, but it has been totally worth it! Alex has had an exciting little life so far, he has even been in his Aunts wedding already! But we are settling in, finding a routine and loving every minute of it!
Mommy is becoming a milk producing machine, between pumping and nursing that’s about all I do. Daddy has been AMAZING! He can make the best cuddly baby burrito, does the laundry, takes care of mommy, and has changed his very first poopy diaper. Alexander sleeps alot!!! partly because he was a little early, partly because he has some jaundice, and partly because he is 5 days old. And Jasper has been a dream. Usually completely ignoring Alexander, if he gets a little close all we have to say is “back up” and he does.
Sorry it took so long to update about him, we are just now getting enough rest to find time to do other stuff.


But I did have two wonderful showers last weekend… Baby showers that is!!!! On Saturday I had a shower with Jason’s side of the family. It was a yummy yummy brunch! decorated with adorable outfits, and little froggies.  It was really cute.

Muffins, Fruit, Parfaits, Egg casserole, Granola and Juice/punch.
Muffins, Fruit, Parfaits, Egg casserole, Granola and Juice/punch.

Just look at this delicious spread!!!!! It makes my mouth water just thinking about it….

clothes1Some of the cute outfits I got, I can’t wait to put them on “Sully”.

The baby doesn't look so comfortable... but the clothes pins on the shirt is very creative!
The baby doesn’t look so comfortable… but the clothes pins on the shirt is very creative!
Ahhh I have a feeling I will be stealing this idea from Kelly and use a front pack or sling for when I hang out the laundry.
Ahhh I have a feeling I will be stealing this idea from Kelly and use a front pack or sling for when I hang out the laundry.

One of the games we played was holding a baby (doll – thank goodness) talking on a phone and hanging up laundry and seeing who could do it the fastest. It was a little worrysome that occasionally the baby went flying, or the phone, but it sure was fun!!!! Great Aunt B was the winner with a time of 23 seconds (I think) (For more on the shower you can check it out here)

Look at all these gifts! I am glad Ang was recording everything for me!
Look at all these gifts! I am glad Ang was recording everything for me!

Then on Sunday, I had a joint family shower with my cousin. She is due just 6 days after me!!! I of course didn’t get any pictures of it, because I forgot my camera 🙁 Thankfully my Aunt will be getting me doubles.

We had chicken salad and fresh fruit. Chips, pretzels, YUMMY chocolate/raspberry cake and ice cream. We visited and talked pregnancy and babies. It is fun because of the 7 of us that are married, 5 are either pregnant or have had babies within the last 8 months.

Between both showers I think we have just about everything we need for right when the baby is born! Now I just have to wash the linens and clothes and organize it all.

As you can see my *almost* finished nursery needs a little more orgnaizing now.
As you can see my *almost* finished nursery needs a little more orgnaizing now.

Thanks everyone for the wonderful weekend, and helping us get what we need for when “Sully” comes!!!


Ok, Now its time for that fun little guessing game that Jason always wins. Leave your guesses as a comment:

  1. Will baby be a boy or girl?
  2. What will baby weigh?
  3. What day of the week will baby be born?
  4. What date will baby be born?
  5. What time will baby be born?
  6. What will baby’s real name be?
Thanks for reading!

I have just a few more things to finish up in the nursery (finish binding my quilt, finish one more bumper, and put away all my baby’s adorable little clothes and things) but I thought I would share a quick update on the *almost* finished nursery.

My secret diaper storage, cleverly hidden behind the crib.

My secret diaper storage, cleverly hidden behind the crib.

Extra storage for clothes and bedding etc.

Extra storage for clothes and bedding etc.

I had gotten these storage crates as a graduation present (a few years back) and love them. I said something to Jason about setting them up. And he came up with the idea of hanging them on the wall. They are all independent of eachother so if we need to move one we can without moving the others. Plus I think it looks really cool how he has it set up. (Great job Jason!!!)

All the nursery furniture in place

All the nursery furniture in place

We got the crib and mattress at once upon a child. The crib is in AWESOME condition, not a scratch on it. And the mattress was a nice Serta. All together we got it for $150.00. And the changing tabel I got at the All kids stuff sale.  For $15.00

The bumpers I made for the crib :-)

The bumpers I made for the crib 🙂

I got my bumpers (well one anyway) done for the crib. My sis Karissa takes total credit for the  frog theme because she is the one that found the fabric and inspired the theme. (Nice taste K) I kinda had to make up my own pattern but I think that it turned out OK 😉

Some bibs that I made.

Some bibs that I made.

Blocks that I made.

Blocks that I made.

These are just a few more of the little crafts I have made. Two of the blocks have little bells in them. And the one with ABC on it, I made out of some scrap  terry cloth from the bibs. I had some fun with these, and after I finish a few more pressing projects I’m going to make some more of both 🙂

If you want to make more projects like these, I found the patterns here. You can save a TON of money by making your own things, and buying second hand. I am just about ready to add up the total of what our nursery expenditure has been. I’ll post it when we do.


I was thinking that I should probably update something…. before it goes another month. And I was sitting here thinking about what I should post.

…. Would you like to hear about my latest doctor appointment? Where nothing really happened other than “Sully’s” heartbeat was at 160. I gained another few pounds and the doctor had to leave early because another patient went into labor 🙂

… Or would you rather hear about my latest radical idea on how to save money, on second thought I have to gain up enough nerve before I post it….

… Oh but I am sure you are dying to hear about my latest pains (round ligament pains) which are lovely little constant cramp type things that thankfully you only feel when you are awake 🙂

Well I scrapped all of those ideas, as no one except those who are pregnant really honestly care about the “misery” of others who feel exactly the same way. And I sat here with the lap top open, nothing really to write when Sully started to move. He has been slightly uncomfortable for me all day. Not really moving, but feeling like he is lodged under my ribcage. Until the last 10 minutes. When he started getting very active.

Picture this: I am laying on the couch, the laptop propped on my legs and slightly resting on my rather large lower belly. When all of the sudden the laptop moves. Yes Sully kicked so hard that he moved the laptop.

This kid is stinkin strong! I think I have a little kick boxer on my hands.