This year we decided to do Alex and Kalea’s birthday parties together. With their birthday’s being only 2 weeks apart, trying to do 2 parties, is a little too much stress on mommy. We will likely do seperate once they are old enough to do friend parties, but in the meantime together it is! This year the theme was Veggie Tales. There aren’t a lot of things out there on veggie tales for birthday’s so I kinda pieced stuff together. Here are some of the pics:

Alex AKA Bob the Tomato

Kalea AKA Larry the Cucumber

I made these shirts for the kids, it has their Birthday age on the back as well. Super easy and fun to make. Ill do a blog post on it, but each shirt cost under $5 =)

We set up some shade on our patio and ate outside on this gorgeous day!

Veggie faces for center pieces

cantelope turtle table decor

Bob drawn on the kids table cloth

Larry on the kids table

I had a lot of fun decorating this cake, but I totally used a box mix and had the fondant too thick. It looked cool, but the flavor was lacking. Guess next time Ill have to focus on that instead of just the fun stuff =)

Singing Happy Birthday to them, Kalea loved it!

Blowing the candles out

Chowing down!

Enjoying a melting cake pop

Putting himself into a major sugar coma

Pretty girls!

M&M at 8 months

What party wouldn't be complete without a good ol' roll down the hill!