Ahh… the fun part of planning for a baby. Getting the nursery ready. The first step in this process is figuring out which room will become the baby’s new bedroom. We tossed around a couple of different options, including partitioning off part of the basement and turning that into a nursery. Then my awesome mother-in-law suggest cleaning out one of her storage rooms and turning that into the nursery. So she and Jason started working on it last night. (I plead pregnancy and didn’t help move things. But I did take a few pictures, and started working on things you will see later)

This is the room before hand. Babies are small, but they still do need a little room. Yeah looks a little ambitious but bare with us.

Jason and Gwen worked hard… making some good progress guys!

All that stuff had to go somewhere, so it moved out into the main part of the basement. Normally this kind of stuff would bother me, but it is for a good cause, so I slept very well last night!

Suddenly putting a nursery in there is looking more promising.

Jason re-running some wires

The shelf is all moved out, room is empty and I have the beginings of a nursery!
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