Word of the Day

Determination:  firm or fixed intention to achieve a desired end.

I can learn a lot from my kids. Right now I am learning a lot about determination from Alex. Determination and stubbornness. Once Alex has his mind set on something, he will NOT give up until he succeeds. He will ask for help, but he will do what he needs to get where he wants. This summer we  went to the park, his cousins were climbing this big “mountain” to get to the big kid slide. He wanted to do just like they were, and so he did! It was fun to watch this little guy, who won’t accept  “you can’t do this” as an excuse. Sometimes I think I need some of his determination.

Assessing the situation

Figuring out how to accomplish

Attacking the problem head on.



Today’s word is : Religion.

Webster defines it as “commitment or devotion to religious faith or observance” And that is usually how we think of it isn’t it? A commitment to an observance. I wear my hair just so, I go to church 3 times a week. I read my Bible every day. Religion in the religious circles has become a dirty word.

How many times have you heard or said “I don’t have religion, I have a relationship!” Well good for you. But you know what, you need religion.

WHAT???!!!! “Stacy, the last thing we need is more “observances”. More rules and regulations.” Yep, you are right. But thats the problem we get when we let the world define things for us (I think there is a whole other blog post there). Why don’t we let God define religion for us? You know, since he is kinda like the whole point?  Here is what God has to say “Pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their trouble (…)” James 1:27.

Hey that doesn’t sound so bad does it? Do you have widows in your church? Do you know anyone who is an orphan?  How about anyone in trouble? Those are fantastic opportunities to be religious! (I can even say that word without wincing now!) Maybe you don’t know anyone that would fall into those categories. Here is an opportunity for you:

Doesn't this silly little boy just melt your heart?!

Reese’s Rainbow is an organization that funds adoptions for children with downs syndrome and other handicaps in foreign countries. These children are condemned to orphanages and eventually institutions (by the age of 6) simply because they were born “imperfect” in the world’s eyes.

What an adorable grin!

Many of these children would die without ever really seeing anything outside of the four sides of their crib. You may not be able to actually adopt any of these children now, but you can help others!

Foreign adoption is very expensive (think 27K) Reese’s Rainbow has  a fund for each child. Any dollar you donate  goes toward sponsoring someone to be able to adopt these orphans in need.

This of course isn’t the only option to being religious, ask the deacons/elders/leaders of your church. “Are their any widows I could visit? Is their anyone hurting or going hungry I could help?” After they pick their jaws up off the floor, they will probably have a list a mile long!

Its sad that more of us (yes us, myself included) are so focused on our own problems that we don’t even realize there are people that would love to even have enough money to choose between name brand or generic pop. Lets face it, the church as a whole, needs more religion.