I can’t believe he is a month old. One month ago we welcomed Michael Zachary into our little world. He is such a treat to have in our family!!!!

Lets see what is he “up to”

Well not much he is only a month old! But growth wise – he is about 11 lb (based on the oh so scientific mommy weighing him while holding on the bathroom scale) He is definitely in 3-6 mo clothes. Once I finish up the size one diapers I have I will probably be upping to size 2! He has outgrown most of his NewBorn cloth diapers and is now into the same One Size diapers that his big sister is! (it took my other two till 2-3 mos to be able to wear the one size!) I need to move the straps on his car seat too!

He has about 2-3 looooong naps with good awake times during the day. And sleeps from 1030/11 till 4 and then wakes up about 7 or 8 at night. He does so well. Honestly sometimes (most nights) his big brother wakes up as much as he does!

He has started to smile. I know that before like 3 mos or something its supposed to be gas, but I don’t care its stinking CUTE!

On exactly his 4 week mark he started to really coo. I love hearing his little voice!

His hair has gotten a little lighter, but he is still definitely our brunette! His eyes right now are pretty blue. They are darker than Alex’s were, so I can’t tell if they will stay but I kinda hope they do!

His brother and sister absolutely adore him! Alex likes to remind me to burp him and asks to play with him. (his definition of playing and mommy’s definition aren’t necessarily the same, but we are working on it!) His carseat is right next Michael’s. Tonight Michael was fussing and I could hear Alex singing “its alright Baby Michael, you can be happy”.  To Alex his first name is Baby second name is Michael. And he always says both!

Kalea is such a mom to him. She likes to make sure he has all the blankets he needs. LOTS of blankets. She asks to hold him. and helps me know where his diapers are or get his binky. She calls him “My-My” she likes to walk up to him and say “Hi!”

I can see these three having a lot of fun and keeping mama veeeerrrry busy in the next few years!

And now for what you really want to see : the pictures of sir chubs!

Love the chubby cheeks!

Kalea playing with Michael

Alex helping Michael to swing

Meeting great-grandma Hostetler

2 weeks old

2 weeks old

At one month!