Lately I have been sending myself on major guilt trips. Alex is to a super fun and exciting. I really love to watch him play. He plays really pretty well with other kids (obviously we are working on the sharing thing, but in general he does great!) and he plays well by himself too! You will often hear him singing as he goes about whatever it is he is in to, or actually more often making a vroooooooming noise as he pushes around our little bissel sweeper.

I know that these early years are so important in the development of kids. They learn sooooo much in the first 5 years of their lives, especially compared to the rest of their lives. As Alex has gotten older, it has become easier to just “let him play” by himself. And while there is nothing wrong with that, I personally have started to feel like I am not helping him make the most of these years. So I came up with a “schedule” for Alex’s daily activities when he is home with us.

I use the term schedule lightly. There are no time allotments. For two reasons. 1. If something falls behind schedule, I start stressing out. 2. Our family operates best with more flexibility. I think that allowing flexibility and creativity with kids is a good thing! Here is what I came up with.

Fill in with naps for K as needed.
Wake up
Eat breakfast
Watch Babies Read (while eating?)
Alex play by self / Play with K (activity mat, bumbo. Work on sitting and playing with toys?)
Preschool activities A
Read 2-3 books (A and K if can, for sure A)
Nap (A/K)
Snack./ Babies Read
Outdoor activity (weather allowing)
A play by self
Read books
A Play by self
Bed time (8)
The preschool activities I am thinking of for Alex are simple things. Like, get all his cars out and sort big and little. Come up with a creative and fun way to learn colors. Cutting the alphabet out of sandpaper and mounting on posterboard to encourage multi sensory learning. There are some other ideas that I have up my sleeve, I just need to make them (when I do you can be sure I will post about them!)
Anyway, I don’t know if this will actually be beneficial to Alex more than his current life or if it is simply to eliminate my guilt. But either way I kinda think it will be a good thing. We have just started using it, so  I will let you know how it goes, but I have to say it kinda has me excited!
…now I need to make a parallel schedule for me!