Kalea has started to sit… kinda. She has been sitting in  her Bumbo seat for a while now but in the last week or so she has started to semi sit unsupported. She sits on your lap really well. But if you put her on a blanket to sit she does what I call the “froggy sit”

Gotta love that one shoe look 😉 In all fairness in this picture she is resting against the couch.

She gets so proud of herself! She “sat” like this for  probably 5 minutes tonight

This picture looks worse than it actually is, he was showing me Kalea’s ears =)

Apparently Alex thought is little sister was a foot rest!

I know this probably isn’t a whole lot, but to me it seems early. Alex didn’t start froggy sitting until he was 5 mos! She just can’t wait to catch up with her big bro!

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