When Alex was still really little and waking up every few hours at night, I had to do everything I could to stay awake while I nursed him. (I had yet to discover the wonderful side lying hold!) At the time we had cable, so I watched infomercials. I could give you all the stats on snuggies and knives, but one actually worked. I saw the Your Baby Can Read commercial. I really wanted to get them for Alex, but when we priced them, they were pretty expensive. I kept checking, and finally found some on e-bay. New, with all the DVD’s and some flash cards. It didn’t have all the bells and whistles, but the basic program was there. And a lot cheaper. So we got them.

Alex is the perfect example of a boy. He RARELY sits still, so the DVD’s up to this point haven’t really worked. But he loves the music and will actually sit still and watch most of the DVD (25 min)  nothing else holds his attention that long =) Alex likes to sit in his “big boy” rocker, and Kalea sits in her bumbo. They say that you can start the DVD’s at 3 mos. I know she probably won’t start “reading” for a long while, but hey it certainly won’t hurt! Tonight, Alex had to have his blanket, he kept readjusting it the whole time like he was trying to get comfy. It was really funny!

The way the program works is it shows a word on the screen, then shows an image associated with the word. They pair it with instructions for the kids to try and follow (Like wave to the babies) They teach animals and the appropriate noises. It is really pretty cool.

They also have songs in them and they put the lyrics up on the screen (like karaoke) Alex LOVES the music. I have a video of him but it apparently  can’t upload onto this site 🙁 But you can find the video here. Now I will warn you the graphics, and filmography are not really anything to write home about, but the kids love them and the program seems to work.

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