Sigh. I had mentally prepared myself for typical pregnancy symptoms… leg cramps (check) gas (check) constipation (check) being uncomfortable (check) swelling (check, check) etc…. But this one I didn’t expect. The last few weeks I have been having mid back pain. Gradual and dull aching. that just gets annoying. 

I went to my Chiropractor for that, low back pain and headaches. The low back pain is less, about what I would expect for 8.5 mos pregnant. Headaches are gone. But the mid back pain is getting worse. Turns out. I have a rib out of place on my right side. The pain is now wrapping around my back right side and into the right side of my chest. And because I am pregnant and my belly gets in the way and is keeping things “unstable” He can’t adjust it or get it to stay in place. It keeps on getting worse. I woke up 3 times last night, not because I had to pee, but because my rib hurt. Tylenol doesn’t work for me. Anyone else have this lovely side affect? What did you do. I will probably go crazy for the next 6 weeks until I can get it fixed!!!!!