All of that stuff from one storage room… I mean nursery… had to go someplace. So Gwen and Jason went through another storage room and reorganized it. It some of Jason’s and my stuff, some of Gwen’s stuff all mixed together and not totally organized.

This is what the room started out as….

Again all the stuff went somewhere, so out it went…
Jasper decided to help, so he picked up whatever the broom left behind.

I don’t have any pictures of it, but after everything was out of the rooms it got all re-arranged. Some went to other places upstairs. Some stuff went into the garage sale pile. Our stuff is in boxes stacked in the basement. Once things were re-organized a lot more fit into this second storage room. Its not all put away, but it is a lot better! Thanks Jason and Gwen for all of your hard work, I really appreciate it!

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