Instead of giving you a blow-by-blow of what the little scrunchy faced cutie has been doing, I’ll just let you know what he is doing now.


He is about 20 lbs and 27″ tall. (As of his last well baby check). He is still just a “little guy” on the 10th percentile in height/weight but right on track proportionally.  That’s OK we just get more use out of his clothes 🙂

He is wearing a wide variety of sizes. 12-18mo shirts. 12mo jackets. 9 mo pants (even still fits into a pair of 6-9mo pants!) and size 2 shoes (though he is quickly needing size 3)

He has 2 bottom teeth, and his eye teeth on top oddly enough look like they will be the next ones to come through.

Food –

He nursed up through 9 mos. It made me sad when he was done, but being pregnant really kills the supply 🙁 I am just happy I made it through cold and flu season!

He is now getting 4 bottles a day. And we are working on replacing the bottles with sippy cups. He does pretty well… sometimes. He has good days and days where he gets so proud of himself he forgets to swallow before he smiles so out spills all the formula!

Drinking like a big boy!

He eats “big people food” now. He likes cheese, cucumbers, zuchini, MEAT and pretty much anything he can pick up with his hands. Especially rice puffs. LOVES them. I am thankful he is not a picky eater!


He has been pulling himself up and walking along things for about a month now. He CAN walk on his own, but won’t if he is thinking about it or if you draw attention to it. But he does motor pretty quick crawling!


He likes to play ball. He will roll/toss the ball back and forth with you. Or will toss it across the room and go fetch it himself 🙂

He is “helpful” if he has picked something up and you want it, if you ask him to give it to you, USUALLY he will.

He loves to sweep. He will play with the broom and loves to follow me around while I vacuum.


He likes to play with Jasper, and Jasper’s toys (they play “fetch”) and Jasper’s food. Poor Jasper only gets to eat when Alex is napping or not at home, otherwise we would spend all day moving Alex away from the dog food.

Tackling Jasper


He waves “Hi” and Bye-bye. Even without prompting 🙂

He says “Da-da”. If Jason leaves the room it is not uncommon for Alex to bellow out da-DA??!!! and point to wherever Jason left from.

He points and says “DA” when he wants to know what something is.

He says “uff uff” for animal noises, usually dogs and frogs. We are working on differentiating between the animals 😉


He goes to sleep on his own now, usually with no fussing at night (still working on the naps). This is awesome for mommy!!!

He is such a daddy’s boy. Its really cute, he loves to hear Jason play guitar, and would choose Jason over me most days of the week I think 😛

Chilling with Daddy

Alex loves to "play guitar" with daddy!

~ HambergerMama